Laminate with Architectural design. 18mm Laminates edged with 1mm ABS edging. Clean lines and modern finishes.

Available in a wide range of textures and decors, melamine resin-coated core boards E0 are notable for their versatility. They are scratch, impact and wear-resistant decorative panels and will suit any particular requirement. View the latest decors in melamine refinished boards and doors at our showroom.

Thermo Laminated Vinyl Doors

Thermo laminated Vinyl Doors and panels (more commonly known as Vinyl wrap) in 18mm moisture resistant MDF, formed on the face and edges with a durable and decorative surface. Clean practical and hard wearing products, which can be used in all styles of kitchens.

Vinyl wrap doors and panels come in a wide variety of colours and finishes from texture finish to satin and gloss finish panels depending on what style and finishes you choose to use on your project.

Ultra Finish & True Reflections Doors & Panels

Ultra finish & true reflections are similar to vinyl wrap doors but are a pressed panel with matching edge strips, being a pressed panel this gives you a superior satin or gloss level finish

The unique surface of 'True Reflections' can be cleaned and polished to maintain its original beauty - minor scratches can be polished out with Albedor Industries Ultra Gloss Polish.

Solid Timber Doors

Solid Timber doors are available in most timber species and are a very traditional door that has been around for many years and is probably the main stayer of the kitchen industry these doors are now available in a wide range of styles from traditional to modern to suit almost anyone’s decor.

Timber Veneer

Timber Veneer is an alternative to solid timber which gives you a clean and natural finish in a large variety of timber species. Reconstructed Timber that offers uniformity and eveness of colour, grain and texture.

2 Pac Painted Doors & Panels

MDF Doors available on unlimited colours and finishes from Dulux or any colour sample.
Medium Hardwearing easy to clean surface.
Available in any colour for modern / period style joinery.


Laminated Bench Tops

The laminate benchtop range gives you the beautiful modern look of Stone slab, with the practicality and economy of laminate. Sharp edges are gone – Square Form benchtops feature seamless, deep square front edge available in a variety of colours.

Reconstituted Stone Bench Tops

Caesar Stone, Quantum Quartz and Essa stone surfaces with their properties of stain, scratch, chemical and heat resistance, are the perfect choice of carefree Kitchen counter tops and bathroom vanities all backed by a 10 year warranty.

Solid Granite

Granite is the hardest natural stone after diamond. The hardness of granite makes it an ideal material for use in kitchens.
Being a natural product that is basically removed from the ground and polished, it has a very natural look and comes in wide variety of colours that are  sourced from all over the world
The hardness of granite also makes it a substance that is strongly resistant to wear and tear damage.

Acrylic Solid Surface Bench Tops

Corian, Hanex and Hi-Macs is an advanced non-porous, highly versatile, seamless join, crack and scratch or chip repairable decorative material, suitable for high wear areas such as kitchens, laboratories and hotels available in a variety of colours. Material can be cut shaped and thermoformed into endless Design applications. Hygienic material resistant to heat mould, pollutants and bacteria all backed by a 10 year warranty.